What Next?

11 Aug

Hexplosion’s prototype is done, but I’d really like to explore Unity in further detail. Going forward, I’ll be working on other games while making improvements to Hexplosion.

Here’s what to expect in future Hexplosion updates to the Hexplosion prototype:
* An actual game over screen.
* Difficulty selection
* Getting rid of the weird bug where if the Bomb Witch slams into a slime, the slime gets pushed off the screen.
* A title screen
* In-game control description.
* Instantiating from an object pool instead of repeated creation and destruction at runtime. (This is for optimization. The game doesn’t really need it, but it’s good to start getting in the habit)

Once the prototype’s more or less good on its own, I’ll start expanding the game itself, adding additional enemy types, powerups, and destructible spawners.

As far as other games go, I’d like to build games to push my knowledge of Unity. Hexplosion is a simple action game with very few states. Since I’ve been talking about puzzle games so much, I’d like to build a Match-3 where I have to take a lot of states and conditions into account and maybe start messing with arrays. After that, I’m thinking about moving into a menu-based thing like an RPG, but I’ll see where I feel like going next.

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