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Extra Credits is good and you should watch it.

I mentioned before in my post about advertising that the free to play model would benefit tremendously from new revenue streams. The Extra Credits video series just put up a new video voicing all of my concerns far better than I could.

Summed up, the aggressive targeting of whales is getting out of hand. Whales certainly have their place, but if games cater exclusively to them, there’s going to be a death spiral. This situation isn’t just bad for those games; it’s bad for the entire free to play industry, which is picking up a pretty bad reputation. Things don’t have to be like this. Blizzard, Riot, and Valve are making money through free to play without having to target such a tiny fragment of the population.

I think we should all consider what is necessary for the free to play industry to remain sustainable. There’s a lot of potential for good here, and it’d be a shame to waste it.


Posted by on September 4, 2014 in Game Thoughts