08 Aug


A bit ago, I started learning Unity, and I’m nearly done with the prototype for Hexplosion. Hexplosion began as a twin-stick shooter, but as I finished scripting the essential pieces, I decided I wanted to make something a bit more unique. It plays a bit like a twin-stick shooter, but instead of launching a constant spray of bullets at your enemies, you instead have a single projectile: A bomb.

You end up with a slower and more considered experience as far as attacking goes, but you still need to be reasonably quick with your reflexes if you want to avoid getting shot by enemies. It’s about hanging on and taking crucial actions.

I’m in the process of replacing placeholder images with free-license images. Once that’s over with, I’ll throw up a link to the prototype. So far, I’m pleased with what I’ve built. A friend of mine might be interested in producing some custom sprite work, so I’ve got some high hopes for this one.

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